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What is the Phenomenon of Lightning?

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been fascinated by lightning. At that time the thunderstorm phenomenon was seen as having a mystic dimension, expressing the anger of the gods. It was in the 20th century that the study of lightning became a science. It was that point that thunderstorms were found to be essential to life, that they maintained our planet’s electrical field. From the mid-20th century to the present day, the development of energy distribution and transport, IT and electronic networks has been a considerable driver for research into ways of protecting against lightning and thus study of the phenomenon itself.

Lightning in ancient legends

For many years, people used to believe that lightning is a holy event which is related to gods that punish those people who disobey them. In the seventh century when prophet Mohamed was living, people believed that “Zeus” is the god of lightning, at that time the smartest man used to believe in these myths.

The first one to study this phenomenon

In the eighteenth century and after eleven centuries from the time of prophet Mohamed, many scientists started to study the phenomenon of lightning and the one who made the initiative was professor “Franklin” who used his famous kite when he connected it to a metal wire and sent it up between the clouds, a strong spark was released when the electricity moved through the wire when it touched the ground. Franklin is the first one who proved that the lightning is an electric spark. Simply, lightning is the meeting of negative charges with positive charges

The Lightning occurs in phase

The first phase- A negative charge descends from the cloud toward the ground in part of a second.
The second phase- The positive charge on the ground meets with that negative charge.
The third phase- As a result, a strong electric spark generates and goes toward the cloud.
The fourth phase- The returned electric charge and that is the lightning beam, all of these four phases happens in 25 Millisecond.

Lightning in numbers around the world

There are 100 lightning strikes per seconds.
There are 8 million lightning strikes every day.
In America the lightning kills 100 Person every year.
Temperature of the lightning beam is 30000 Celsius so it is five times greater than the temperature on the surface of sun!!
The volt per beam is: 1000 million volt.
Electricity is: 200 thousand ampere

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