Ovivo is a world leader in equipment and solutions applicable to the treatment of water, wastewater and ultra-pure water. They bring together some of the world’s most established brands with an amalgamated heritage of over 200 years of experience. Ovivo has locations in more than 15 countries and employs close to 800 talented people.

Unlike other resources, there is no substitute for water and only 0.3% of Earth’s water is readily available freshwater. It is a resource that needs to be protected and valued.

Their passion is to innovate and bring to the market equipment and solutions that lead to new efficiencies and further enable their clients to conserve water supplies. They take the time to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs. That is why Ovivo focuses exclusively on water, and this is how Ovivo is ‘Bringing Water to Life’.

Ovivo is a public company whose shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) under the symbols OVI.A and OVI.B.

Looking into a near future, simply treating water is not going to be enough. Treating water may not be a sustainable practice as it may imply that vast amounts of other resources, such as energy, are used in the process.

Derived from their taglines: ‘Creating Value in Water‘ and ‘Bringing Water to Life™‘, Ovivo’s mission is to:

provide our customers with the best end to end solutions to treat and recycle water at the lowest energy cost”.

Their business is about creating value in water, arguably the world’s most precious resource today, and they are involved in almost every aspect of water and wastewater treatment, within both the municipal and industrial sectors.

Many of the industries that Ovivo serves are often under scrutiny from the general public, from governments and the media. While the world acknowledges that it is facing a clean water crisis, the demand for water is ever-increasing. Many of Ovivo’s clients have publicly pledged to stabilize their water consumption while increasing productivity, and they are committed to developing and providing high-performance technologies to help their clients achieve this goal.

Ovivo has local offices in 15 countries, spanning 5 continents. As true water specialists, they understand the complexities of water and the day-to-day realities of their customers. They are not only driven to share global best practices, but they are also take pride in challenging the norm! Their established technologies, unrivalled experience, and entrepreneurial culture enable to deliver world-class projects, locally.

For more information on Ovivo, please visit their website at: http://www.ovivowater.com/

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