Saft is a battery maker like no other. From research to manufacturing and sales, we set the pace. We have some of the brightest minds working on developing and producing our batteries; around 1.5 percent of our employees have PhDs. We are a global company employing people from 49 countries.

Saft has always been a pioneer in the battery market. For 100 years, we have been developing new technology to give our customers ever-more reliable, economic and sustainable stored, electric energy. Looking to the future, we see demand for our products growing, driven by four major macro-economic trends:
1. Industrialization and urbanization in emerging economies
2. Disruptive technologies
3. Greater global interconnections
4. Tension on resources and climate change

Power 2020 is our strategic response to these trends and is based around the three pillars of focus, differentiate and deliver, supported by a new customer-centric organization.

Increased market focus to ensure profitable growth
With a greater focus on sub-segments and fast-growing applications, we are better able to address specific customer needs. This isn’t just about research and development; we are also strengthening our Key Account Management to improve customer communication and achieve better results.

Differentiate through superior tailored solutions
We innovate across the company to meet the increasingly complex problems thrown up by our customers. We continue to invest in research and development, manufacturing and service, and to expand our unique portfolio of technologies. Where customers' needs are specific, we customize our technology in terms of battery performance, specific operating conditions, lifespan and lead time to bring down the total cost of ownership.

Deliver operational excellence

We are doing everything we can to reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers by becoming even more efficient and more focused. By 2019, we will have cut the cost of raw materials by between 4 and 5 percent; reduced total manufacturing costs by between 5 and 6 percent; and improved supply-chain management to cut costs by 2 percent as a proportion of annual sales.

A customer-centric organization
Four divisions – Civil Electronics, Industrial Standby, Space and Defense, Transportation, Telecom and Grid – allow us to meet the needs of customers in a more focused and dynamic way. They allow us to develop centers of excellence that can implement lessons learned more quickly across the divisions, increasing our own efficiency and that of our customers.

Where customers' needs are specific, we optimize the performance of our
batteries by customizing our technology in terms of energy density, specific
operating conditions, lifespan or lead time and bring down the total cost of
ownership. – Ghislain Lescuyer, CEO Saft

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