Shreem Electric Ltd


Shreem has achieved domestic market leadership in the capacitor / reactive power compensation market and has built a strong presence in turnkey project execution for various state electricity boards. The company has a large manufacturing base in Kolhapur and project offices in most states across India. Shreem exports its products to 36 countries across the globe.

With annual turnover of 4650 million (INR) Shreem has emerged from Power capacitor manufacturing to a major Engineering Procurement and Construction company. We are focused on project management to create world class substation project up to 400 KV system voltages and transformed to multi product manufacturing facility for T & D equipments.

Shreem Electric is a leading equipment and turnkey solutions provider with a focus on the power transmission and distribution sector. The company manufactures a wide range of medium and high voltage equipment like capacitors, circuit breakers, control & relay panels, lightening arrestors and other measuring / monitoring devices. Shreem also offers turnkey solutions for capacitor banks and substations across various voltage classes.

Shreem as a Company grown from Capacitor manufacturing and turnkey jobs in Project started no of divisions to fulfill its projects division. Through specialized R&D team and through many ideas Shreem also started the manufacturing world class Lightning Arresters of
Distribution as well as Station Class. This Lightning Arresters are tested and approved by CPRI and Electricity Utilities Companies.

HV capacitors features the latest designed manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable IEC & IS standard. Their low cost per kVar make these capacitors a simple, economical source of reactive power on electric power systems for,
All Polypropylene (APP) film dielectric
Ultra Low losses
Superior Electrical Performance
Non self healing type capacitors
Improving power factor
Reducing line losses
Decreasing voltage drop

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